Who am I? 

                                                                                                    THIS GUY!

                                                                                                   THIS GUY!

  My name is Luke Freitag, professional day dreamer. I am a student studying traditional animation at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY. I grew up both in Kelowna, British Columbia and later Portland, Oregon, where I first discovered animation through Macromedia Flash at a young age. Now I'm focused on refining my traditional drawing skills as well as animation technique and programs in order to create truly riveting shorts. I currently focus on storyboarding and animating, but my true dream is to direct my own animated children's program.


What is my work about? 

I want to create animations that use a visual style and sense of humor that is easily accessible to children but still mentally engaging, and use these animations to explore a term I called “Candy-coated existentialism.”

Which means: using animation to tackle hard life lessons and complicated issues such as loneliness, anxiety, and self-identity, while presenting the ideas in a subtle enough manner so they work into character interaction and plot naturally, instead of berating the audience heavy-handedly. I’m not looking for the G.I. Joe “knowing is half the battle” summary at the end, but instead throughout a long series I wish to convey to children that it’s all right not to have all the answers, and that’s all right to feel lonely, no matter how many people you’re with. These are experiences we all go through, and I believe that is a phenomenon worth communicating to children. However, it’s obvious that these weighty topics can be a bit much for a child to take at face value, which is why I believe humor is key in delivery. I’ve always been a sucker for a cheesy pun and witty wordplay, and using that along side hilarious smear-frames and slapstick comedy is what I believe is a recipe for engaging, funny, and thought provoking animation.