The Power We Have (Five Second Day 2019)

Writer - Director - Animator - Composer

I wanted to create a 5-second day short themed around the idea of having limited time and energy, making the most with what you have, and turning your creative spark into energy for others. This project was created by me and my wife Morgan Hillebrand in two weeks from start to finish and was my first time experimenting with Vocaloids in my music production.


Hackers (The Water Store Sketch Comedy)

Writer - Director - Editor - Composer

A loving parody of the 1995 American cinema masterpiece “Hackers”. Two hackers with wildly different approaches break into Monsanto’s databases together. Created with my sketch team The Water Store.


Going in for the Kiss (The Water Store Sketch Comedy)

Writer - Director - Storyboard Artist - Animator - Composer

A good first date takes an awkward turn. Created with my sketch team The Water Store.


Nick of Time (Senior Thesis 2015)

Writer - Storyboard Artist - Animator - BG Artist

My senior thesis from Pratt Institute. Nick and Rex have to stop history’s greatest poets are being kidnapped by Rudy, an angsty teen robot who wants to create the saddest poem ever for his blog.


Sketch Comedy

I write sketch comedy and preform with my sketch team "The Water Store" around L.A. Theaters!  Here’s a collection of some of my favorites, including the original script for Hackers.



Though my most recent work are pitches, pilots, sketches and short films- I took the time to write a spec script for one of my favorite comedies on T.V. Bob's Burgers.